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Brunswick has excellent connections to the Melbourne CBD. Its flourishing and growing rental market has a high level of amenity – and demand to match.

Sydney Road is an amenity hub, with over 600 businesses providing an array of shopping and dining options. The Brunswick Market consists of butchers, bakeries and fruit and vegetable stalls. Barkly Square Shopping Centre is a key retail destination in Brunswick, offering a variety of stores, including clothing and apparel, electronic goods, specialty stores and two supermarkets.

There are 11 parts and reserves in Brunswick, including the celebrated Brunswick Park and Gilpin Park. On the southern border of Brunswick lies Royal Park, which is the largest park in central Melbourne. It covers 170 hectares with tennis, football, cricket, cycling and walking facilities, and the site for State Netball and hockey, the Melbourne Zoo and Royal Park Golf Course. On-hand are the Brunswick bathes too, located on Dawson Street, providing indoor and outdoor heated pool and gym facilities.

The Figures & Facts

Brunswick registered a median apartment sale price of $495,000 across all product types (layouts, number of bedrooms) for the three months to December 2015. The median unit price grew 17.9% over the year to December 2015 too, outperforming the Greater Melbourne average of 0.9% over the same timeframe.